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Are you looking for a job while attending college? Are you looking for an opportunity to make money while working around your hectic schedule? Do you need some extra cash? Apply today to become a Greek Central Campus Representative.

What is a Greek Central Campus Representative?

A Greek Central Campus Representative is a student within a college campus who networks with student organizations and groups in order to drum up and facilitate the sale of a t­shirt order. You will act as an ambassador for Greek Central and be a helpful, friendly resource for your fellow classmates to turn to.

The job is simple ; you just have to send us the contact information of an interested customer and we will do the rest of the work for you.

How am I supposed to network and promote?

As a Campus Rep, you will be given marketing materials to pass out all across your campus. We will provide you with some pretty sweet Greek Central apparel too. The easiest way to spread the word on your campus is to take advantage of social media. Post pictures of yourself wearing our apparel, let your friends know you are there to help them out, give them advice on the ordering process, post flyers, etc.

Okay, so becoming a Campus Rep doesn’t sound half bad. But, how do I get paid?

This process is simple too. You will get paid commission off of every customer you send to Greek Central that places an order. So this means, your individual success and overall paycheck will depend on the effort you make. Therefore, if you only want to work and promote Greek Central throughout your campus for 10 hours a week, that is no problem at all! Ultimately,your earnings will be up to you.

At the end of each month, the Campus Rep with the most sales will win a prize too! We always like a little friendly competition here at Greek Central.

But wait, that is not it!

Once you become a Campus Rep you will not only receive free Greek Central apparel and earn commission, but you will also:

  • Receive a free shirt every time your chapter orders from Greek Central (if applicable)
  • See all the latest apparel items first hand
  • Gain sales experience that will look good on your resume
  • Gain thousands of new connections
Are you still a little hesitant?

Don’t worry! We are here to help you succeed. Each week, our Sales Executive will check on you to see how things are going, if you need any questions answer, show you some new apparel items, and provide you with helpful tricks and tips to land that sale! She will be the one you go to if you have any problems, questions, or concerns about an order.

As a matter of fact just to show you we really care about your success, here is your first tip from our Sales Executive, Aubrey:

"It is important to build a great relationship with your customers. Treat them as if they were your close friends or family members. Ask them how they are doing, keep track of important events happening in their life, or remember what shirt they like best ­­ any detail you can remember about them will show them that you truly care. Above all, make sure you follow up with them! And remember to be a resource for them, not a sales pitch."

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